New Offering
In Bloom: A Journey of Reflection and Renewal
Immerse yourself in a guided journey to pause, celebrate wins (big and small), navigate disappointments with self-compassion, practice gratitude, and reflect on key growth moments from the last year. 
I will guide you in intentionally crafting a roadmap for the year ahead, weaving together thoughtful, mindful practices. This personalized roadmap will align with what matters most to you, ensuring a purposeful and soulful approach to your journey.
Leave with a profound sense of gratitude for your year and feel supported as you step into the new one with a mindful and intentional stride.
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2024 Coaching Program
Real change takes time, commitment, and support. Together, we’ll attend to your whole life, helping you not just achieve your goals, but to design a life that nourishes the mind, body, heart, and soul. 

This 6 month coaching program includes:
10 x 60 min sessions, every other week
•Personalized development plan
•Practices, activities, exercises, and resources that’s tailored to your needs and schedule
•Support between sessions 

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