Coaching for high achieving millennial women
As high achieving women, many of us grapple with these challenges because societal norms and gender roles can create particular challenges for us.
Striving for perfection by setting exceedingly high  standards influenced by societal expectations
People-pleasing through prioritizing others’ needs over your own, and fearing disappointment or letting down
The persistent feeling of doubt despite accomplishment, and feeling like you’re not enough
Feeling drained, mentally exhausted, and overwhelmed by life's demands
I can help you with:
Making decisions align with your values

Prioritizing your needs while compassionately caring for others 

Developing a stronger sense of self

Making space for rest, self-care, and setting boundaries
Coaching for folks who are children of immigrants and people of color
We’re often the first in our families to get a college degree, navigate through the professional world, or recognize and heal from the intergenerational burdens we carry. Collectively, we may experience discrimination or systemic biases which creates a unique set of challenges for us.
Striving for perfection to honor our family's sacrifices
Coping with isolation due to limited role models and support networks who look like us and can relate to us
Holding ourselves to high societal standards, leading to self-criticism
Navigating our cultural identities and intersectionalities

I can help you with:
Prioritizing your needs, while honoring your family's sacrifices

Cultivating deeper connections with others 

Letting go of societal standards and embracing personal growth

Accepting and celebrating who you are